2017 was a year of growth and change for the workplace industry. Work space options grew in existing and new markets, there were more consolidations, and flexible workstations became more widely embraced by businesses of all types. This rapid evolution of the working environment will only continue throughout 2018.

Flexible workstation solutions will continue to focus on employee wellness and challenge our traditional notions about where and how we work. As technology drives human behavior to evolve, businesses are also evolving, including the workspaces they design for their employees to thrive in.

Here are 3 trends that will continue to impact the workplace this year:

1. Healthy Workspace, Healthy Mind

Wellness in the workplace received a lot of attention in 2017 and it will continue to throughout 2018. Employee wellbeing is on the rise. With the adoption of flexible workstations, where and how we work, and where we meet to collaborate, will continue to be under the watchful eye of workplace wellness. Promoting physical health and encouraging employees to live a healthy lifestyle will also continue, but the focus is now shifting to mental health. Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace will continue to be issues of increasing importance. Businesses across all industries will continue to look for workplace solutions that encourage optimal performance and wellbeing of their employees.

2. More Flexible Workspace Solutions

In 2017, the implementation of flexible workspaces enabled businesses of all sizes to better equip themselves to meet the changing needs of the workplace. Companies are embracing flexible workspaces to include management services and adopting a co-working collaborative environment. Flexible workspace solutions for businesses of all sizes will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2018.

3. Automation Fascination

Technology that completes tasks large and small will continue to change the way we interact with one another in the workplace. Just as the customer experience is changing to become more automated, the work environment is also changing. The majority of companies are investing in technology to improve the customer experience. Automation is poised to become one of the leading trends that will affect the workplace in 2018 and beyond.