Top 6 Things Employees Miss Most About the Office

Collaboration – discussing ideas as a team, inspiration of other people’s work Accountability – avoiding ‘home’ distractions, team building, and communication Socialization – work friends, social connections to other people, mental health, work/life balance Infrastructure – logistics hub, storage, servers and IT equipment, local business connections, financial investment in space Ergonomics – Physical health, [...]

6 Components of a Workplace Strategy

For post-pandemic workplace planning, break down your workplace strategy into 6 interconnected components: Policy Development – alternative work strategies, HR policy development, communication Occupancy & Staff – staffing needs analysis, space planning, facility augmentation Materials Selection – remediation products, new planning standards Technology Impacts – changes to internal and external technology platforms Operational [...]

6 Steps to Effective Space Planning

Determine the maximum occupancy while maintaining safe distances between employees. For an existing facility, review the following 6 steps: Critical dimension review – dimensional review of entrances, corridors, work areas, offices, workstations, and meeting spaces. Identify critical short falls and limitations. Determine usable and constrained areas. Occupancy planning – [...]


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