We can expect to see an increase in privacy pods in 2019 as this office design trend continues to grow in popularity.  Although they’ve been around for a few years now, newer, more interesting pod designs are creating a wave of excitement in the workplace.

While flexible workspaces with open areas and fewer walls are said to increase productivity and collaboration at the workplace, they also make for a much noisier environment. Therefore, along with the demand for open, collaborative workspaces, is the need for some privacy.

Pods offer instant access to privacy in open concept workspaces. These individual spaces provide a place for employees to take time out, to think, or to have a private conversation. Often strategically placed to block background noise and high traffic areas, pods also provide portable and versatile options. For instance, putting two pods together face to face creates a one-on-one private meeting space.

The general consensus among the workplace design industry is that more privacy pods will be popping up in offices in 2019 and beyond.