Determine the maximum occupancy while maintaining safe distances between employees.

For an existing facility, review the following 6 steps:

  1. Critical dimension review – dimensional review of entrances, corridors, work areas, offices, workstations, and meeting spaces. Identify critical short falls and limitations. Determine usable and constrained areas.
  2. Occupancy planning – identify usable work areas, determine safe staff count of space. Compare to operational head count requirements. Difference will require alternative approach for accommodation.
  3. Traffic planning – plan traffic pattern and safe path of travel. Identify safety and transition zones.
  4. Work-setting standards – development of existing furniture modifications, reconfiguration, or new standards development.
  5. Sanitation station – planning of sanitation/cleaning areas throughout the office.
  6. Instructional signage – planning and development of instructional signage. Distribution of signage throughout the office.